Even the seemingly most confident person feels shy, awkward, or uncomfortable in certain circumstances.  And then there’s us.  The “Shy’s,” who feel awkward in just about any situation.  We’d give anything to be confident and outgoing.

This journal won’t magically cure your shyness or immediately make you feel less awkward in social situations.  But it will help you take tiny steps outside your safe cocoon.

Some steps may seem a little scary.  And some may seem impossible.  But the most important step—the one that can make a difference—is deciding you are ready to embark on a journey out of shyness.  Let’s do it together.

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Then one day she looked back, and couldn’t believe how far she’d come...

The So Awkward Journal is a guided journey towards confidence.  It begins with a look within to build commitment for change, followed by  steps to overcome shyness with space  to record your thoughts on how it went. 

At the end of the journal, you may be surprised how far you've come.