Nine Million Minutes 
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Twenty-six years is long enough to be a wallflower.  So, armed with a new auburn hair color and a lime green Jeep that screams “look at me,” Kricket Taylor steps outside her shy comfort zone.

Jay Hunter has a successful career as a speaker, capturing audiences by rolling up his sleeve and baring a jagged scar that signifies the biggest mistake of his life…making a promise he couldn’t keep.

With a coast-to-coast supply of willing and beautiful conference attendees, he has no desire for a relationship.  But an encounter with an awkward redhead triggers something deep.  Now, the only way to make up for his long ago broken promise is to protect her from himself.

A Contemporary Romance Novel by Leigh Ann Lane

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Nine Million Minutes

Sometimes the most valiant effort to keep from hurting someone you love is the very thing that ends up hurting them the most.

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