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Leigh Ann Lane

Leigh Ann Lane enjoys curling up with a good romance novel on a rainy day…jammies, coffee, and a stoked fire required.  And when the sun peeks out, you'll find her smacking a little white ball down the fairway, or cruising topless in her Jeep. And yes, of course it's lime green. 

In her "day job," she enlightens audiences as a workshop leader.  Her true passion, her "Chazown," is encouraging people to gradually step outside their comfort zone to a richer, brighter world.  

 Her romance novel, Nine Million Minutes, along with the So Awkward Journal, a step-by-step diary to aid in overcoming shyness, are the first steps in her steady march down passion's path. 

She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and the hero in her book, "Hopper."

Leigh Ann Lane